Kitchen & bathroom refubrishments

The time has come to refresh the rooms in your home? Are you planning a kitchen renovation? Bathrooms? No idea and time to organize the whole?

Let’s Discuss Your Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation

Thinking about refreshing the rooms in your home? Are you planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation with no idea where to begin?

We’re here to help! Our team members have a variety of backgrounds in various fields, so we are able to meet all requirements while operating within budget.

At Offa Construction, our close attention to detail has time and again guaranteed 100% satisfaction with the services we have provided.
Attention to detail guarantees full satisfaction with the service provided.


When designing / planning renovation, you need to remember a few details:

Ventilation – Kitchens are exposed to large amounts of steam and water vapour, so a ventilation strategy is essential.
Refrigerator – Should stand a minimum of 40 cm from the sink away from heat sources, ie. stove or heaters.
Cooker – should be away from the window at least 50cm so that gusts of air coming through the window do not disturb the cooking.
Wall between cabinets – It is important that adequate protection is provided in these areas, as they can be prone to tough dirt and stains.
Plug sockets – The number of sockets depends on the equipment required for the kitchen. Sockets should be earthed and placed at different heights depending on their purpose, e.g. for a free-standing 30-100 cm refrigerator, and for the dishwasher 30-50 cm above the floor.
Worktop – Should be situated at a height that is comfortable to work at for the main user, as well as the entire row of lower cabinets. How to we decide on the perfect height? The worktop should be 15 cm below the bent elbow. The length of the worktop between subsequent equipment is at least 80 cm.
Floor – Flooring should be of a material that is abrasion resistant and easy to keep clean. Grease is a common problem in kitchens, so the flooring must have low absorbability and should be highly durable. Wood flooring looks great in the kitchen when it is open plan into the living room.

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When renovating a bathroom, you need to remember a few things; at Offa Construction, we prioritise comfort in our bathroom renovation plans.

A bathroom is an interior that should be practical but also beautiful, so try to think about each element so that the new interior is fully adapted to your needs. If you use good materials for the performance and a solid crew, the interior will serve you for years.

The first step is usually to choose bathroom tiles. The best tiles are those characterized by low water absorption, this parameter is given in percentage. The lower the value, the lower the absorbability. If you intend to use paint in your bathroom, choose a special acrylic or silicone paint with increased resistance to moisture.

Bath, sink, bided ….

id you know that you can choose bathroom ceramics covered with a special layer to facilitate cleaning? Really worth trying!

Nowadays there are many types of washbasins, integrated with the worktop, inset or countertop. With each of them you need to pay attention to the durability of the product and the place of connection with the tabletop so that the product does not absorb water and is easy to clean.

Top tip: if you choose a chromed battery for your bathroom, it will be easier to remove stains from it.

Lighting in the bathroom

The most popular solution in bathrooms is a central ceiling lamp and a wall lamp suspended above the mirror. However, there are many options when it comes to lighting. Choose the one that will be practical and perfect for you.

Shower or bathtub?

Each of the options has its pros and cons, and a lot of is dependent upon the size of your bathroom. In the case of a shower, you need to think about whether you want a shower with or without a shower tray. This decision needs to be made before the renovation begins, because the bathroom needs to be prepared (dropped) to allow for the shower tray.As with the renovation of each room, there are a lot of details to keep in mind that often you wouldn’t even think about. That’s why professional knowledge is essential! View our portfolio and familiarise yourself with our work, or give us a call for a chat about your upcoming project.

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