Extensions & Loft conversions

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Extensions & Loft conversions

A very fashionable solution in recent times when land prices are high has become an extension / reconstruction / attic adaptation

Attic development is a good idea – though not always easy.

Of course, the attic is the easiest to manage if such an option was taken into account during the construction of the house. The ceiling has adequate strength, the roofing under the roof has the right height, etc. Then it is enough to adapt the arrows to your own requirements in exactly the same way as we finish the flat.

Every major reconstruction of the attic, which involves interference in the construction and appearance of the building, eg reinforcement of the ceiling, change of the truss, construction of dormers, window insertion, requires the same procedures as for the construction of the house. So you have to report it in accordance with the new regulations or apply for permission to remodel on the old rules. Architectural and construction project will be needed. Previously, a professional must assess the condition of the ceiling, truss, and whether the height of the attic after insulation of the floor and laying the floor will be sufficient.

If the space is too small, you have to change the roof structure or raise the knee wall. Taking into account the provisions of the Local Spatial Development Plan, which specifies the permissible height of the building, and sometimes also the roof color, for example.
The knowledge we have and years of experience in the implementation of similar projects allows us to support our clients at every stage of the attic renovation.

If you are interested in the details, call us our experts will provide expert advice.

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