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New Builds

You planning to build the house of your dreams or a non-standard office building specially adapted to your company’s requirements, we provide professional assistance. We have many years of experience that allows us to meet even the biggest challenges. We provide professional services in London. Our experience regarding new build dates back to two decades.

We were involved in the construction of, among others, beautiful new homes, blocks of flats, shops or office buildings.
We can help you in whatever style you want to build your home. You will need a harmonious team of professionals providing a whole range of services and you will find it with us. We operate comprehensively realizing projects from the basement to the roof

We realize that building your own home / office is often a dream come true. That is why it is worth organizing yourself and taking care of all the details in advance so that you can save yourself extra stress at later stages. We suggest a few steps below according to which you should proceed.

Purchase of a plot
This is the first and most important step, it may seem ridiculous but many people planning to build a house is running out of mind very far forgetting about such a mundane matter as buying a plot for building a house.

Architectural and construction project
The second step is to choose the design of our future home. Here you have two ways to choose, depending on your requirements, you can commission the preparation of an individual project (remember that the person dealing with the design had the right building qualifications of the appropriate specialty). You can also use the second, much cheaper solution which is the selection of the catalog design. In this case, however, it should be remembered that we do not have the possibility of interfering with the project beyond the borders defined by the actor.

Obtaining additional approvals / opinions
You can meet situations in which you will need additional documents, eg. If the plot bought by you is in the register of monuments.

Permission to build a house

You probably do not need to explain it to anyone. You can obtain the consent in the body corresponding to the construction site.

Starting construction
This is the moment when you start the preparatory work on the construction site.
Such works are: geodetic determination of objects in the field
Implementation of leveling the area
Development of the construction site / construction of temporary facilities
Execution of connections to technical infrastructure for construction purposes

Remember to notify the appropriate authority about the date of commencement of construction!

Formalities before the construction of the house is not enough to complete the entire process successfully and to be able to enjoy the dream house without any stress, we must remember that after completion of construction, this fact should also be reported to the competent authorities.

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